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The Best in fiction….bar none!

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Each and Every book will move you to tears, keep you on the edge of your seat for a thrill ride and guessing game. From Who Done It, Super Hero to General Fiction. Plus “Disaster“ will keep you guessing and wondering what is going on you‘ll be thrilled. “Ana-Marie‘s Inn?” Will rock your world with fear, terror, the only haunting/ghost story thus far

Do Not Miss These Books.

WARNING: The way I write is different from virtually every other author alive or dead. I write like watching a movie or television show. the scenes unfold. I recommend reading and visualizing in your head what is going on.

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TLC2 galaxy days ann amer erica xander league

ending spidy cure price future back reserved 119

origins new runa codename gregor dis censor flash

newe requiem confused Dylan Xander Panic Third NoWin

DimensionalInvasion JusticeServed TheDreamisStillAlive TheBestofTwoWorlds TheMemoryofElisha The Road days days

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